Andrejs Kirma makes all things digital more human

The man

The story

I am a self-thought digital designer, which really means that all the knowledge that I currently have about the web and digital products is a result of natural interest in these topics. Because of this, even though there is no design degree I could hang up on this website I do what I do because of the love for the game.

The skillset

I have worked on building websites starting from setting the business goals of the website all the way to doing a bit of HTML and CSS here and there. There is a great gap between how humans and machines perceive and handle information. I am one of the foot soldiers working on closing that gap. My weapons of choice are: paper, pencil, black ink pens, Sketch App and InVision.

Working style

There are plenty of designers out there with various working styles and focuses. I prefer working with complicated products that need a complete user experience creation process. Have a look at my design process Roadmap to understand how we can get you that new digital product.

Get in touch

If you would like to work with me or just feel like saying “Hi!”, my email is

On the web

If you would like to connect online, you can find me in the following networks:
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