Crowdmates IOS Concept

A social going to events App

UX, UI | Aug 2015

Crowdmates is a startup project that I started with two lovely people Markus Bergmann and Sonja Mewes in early year 2015 in Hamburg, Germany.

The idea of the App is to let people not only find great music events, but also catch up with other people while at it. All of the information and communication on the App is with the purpose of real-life experiences.

The click-prototype of the App is available here.

Starting from the first impressions - Event Discovery (below left image) the users get not only the basic information about the event (such as artist name, ticket price, date) but also information about how many people are going to the event and some of their pictures.

In the My News section (below right image) the users receive updates on events that they are Following.

In the Event Details (below left image) the users get the same details as in the Event Discovery with the option to see more details. There is also a list of all people going to the concert with the option to view the Profile of each person (below right image). The users are only allowed to add chat messages in the Event Details once they have bought the ticket. Buying a ticket is the most prominent action in this screen.

The Crowdmates app also has a section for all the tickets of the user. This functionality would make the experience of purchasing and using the ticket much simpler than printing a ticket at home or mailing the ticket home.