Crowdsourced building renovation

UX, UI | Sep 2016

The cover image of the K-Kubā project

Introduction To The Case

K-Kubā is a business based in Riga, Latvia that helps people get organized to collectively buy an old building, renovate it and move in. Does it make sense? No? The problem K-Kubā is solving is this - there are many run-down buildings in Riga that are relatively cheap to buy and renovate. There are several apartments in buildings like that and a person looking for some real estate to buy cannot afford the whole building. That is why with K-Kubā people can pledge to buy a part of the building and pitch in on the rennovation. K-Kubā takes care of everything including the legal, architect, rennovation and even interior setup. The partners at K-Kubā have a lot of experience with old building rennovation projects, so they are good at it.

The website is supposed to do two things - sell the concept of K-Kubā to potential clients and serve as a communication tool. Since noone invests tens of thousands of euros into a project like this via a website, much of the communication will happen face to face or at least over the phone, but the website will serve as a project management tool - the clients will be able to communicate their wishes for the building and the interior.

NOTE: The logo and visual identity was done before, so I only did the website design.

The User Interface

K-Kubā had a certain visual style created before we started this project, so all I did in terms of that was project that existing identity in this new website.

Let's have a look at some of the screens to see what I did with it.


This is the first impression of the website - a project / paper kind of feel with the building half a sketch and half a 3D render of the building-to-be.

Troughout the whole website I used simple typography, tones of grey and a bright green as an accent.

The home screen of K-Kubā


I am quite proud of these three icons - they explain the rather compicated concept of K-Kubā projects in three steps. The message is that K-Kubā helps its clients get a property in the perfect area of the city in a newly renovated building with the interior that suits them.

The simple illustrations help communicate the ideas and if you ask me, they look decent as well :)

The concept icons of K-Kubā


This is where the visitors of the website come to see the current status of a project. Here, the people can see all relevant details about the property - the starting price of an apartment, location, free apartments left etc. In this case two of the total 4 apartments are still available.

The project page of K-Kubā


The timeline explains the steps of a project - from a group of people getting to gether, to buying a property, an architect planning the renovation, completing the renovating all the way to moving in. It helps people set their expectations and have a visual understanding of what it takes to complete a project like this.

The testimonials is a little something to create validation of K-Kubā to the visitor of the website. It takes a lot of trust to join a project such as collectively renovating a building.

The project timeline and testimonials of K-Kubā


These is also a huge user dashboard for the clients of K-Kubā to communicate their wishes to the K-Kubā team. This includes the information about the client, the house, the interior of the apartment room by room and other general wishes. As the K-Kubā team puts it - a tool like that would free their hands to work more on the project and less on keeping track of what their clients need.

The the user dashboard of K-Kubā

Alright, those are all of the main areas of the website. Thank you for checking this out!

If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions - reach out to me.

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