Where Are My People

One page website promoting a native app

UI, HTML, CSS | Sep 2015

First off, Where Are My People website is live, you can have a look at it here.

This website was created to promote a location based social networking app called Where Are My People. Since the social network will only be available on mobile devices, the only purpose of this website is to encourage the visitors to become the users of the WAMP app.

Because the website has only one page, there were no UX challenges to solve here. Because of this mocking up and laying out the design of the website was great, fast thing to do. I also got the chance to do the HTML and CSS of this website, which was a great opportunity to practice web frontend using Bootstrap.

The color scheme of this website is grayscale plus the corporate color of WAMP; the font is Ubuntu Condensed. The design of the website was created in respect to the design of the app, so the task with this project was to organize the information in a style corresponding to the visual identity of the app.

The information was organized in an easy-to-scan manner so that the users could get a general idea of the product without having to read all of the text.